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Are you looking for a new recruitment method that helps you find the perfect candidates for a job role? Are you tired of traditional recruitment methods? Well, look no further than PsychoRecruitWe use psychological approaches to help clients find the ideal individual for specific job positions. By using psychometrics, Southampton clients can improve their recruitment strategy. To find out more information call 07787 144721. 

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Proven Southampton Psychometric Testing 

Many companies use tried and tested methods of recruitment. However, a scientific approach has proven to be a much more accurate way of assessing candidates. By using cognitive ability tests and personality tests, we have transformed psychometric recruitment in Southampton. In fact, psychometric tests are more effective than interviews, work trials, and all other assessments. 

With regards to our psychometrics, Southampton clients, we use to testing methods to assess a candidates suitability for a job role. Below, we have outlined the approaches that we take. 

Cognitive Ability Tests 

This form of Southampton psychometric testing is to measure a person’s intellect and cognitive capacity. For example, we can determine a person’s ability in numerical reasoning, clerical checking, verbal comprehension, general intelligence, and so on. Each test will be tailored to the specifications of the job role. 


Personality Tests 

This is an important factor when considering suitable candidates for a job position. As part of our psychometric recruitment in Southampton, we will administer these tests to discover a candidates strengths and weaknesses. This test will also focus on interaction with others, task performance, motivation, and what emotions they display. 

Rest assured that these psychometrics, Southampton clients, are rigorously tested and reliable. They can only be available to fully trained British Psychological Society qualified test users. 


How Does it Work? 

Southampton psychometric testing is a powerful way to gain insights into a person’s cognitive capabilities and their personality. By enlisting the help of our professionals, we can help you to determine which tests and assessments would be suitable for your prospective candidates. Here at PsychoRecruit we are led by Nicky Corps, who is a qualified and BPS approved test user. 

Our method of psychometric recruitment in Southampton is a more comprehensive way of learning what a potential new employee will be like in the working environment. By doing this, we can find the perfect individual that fits into your company ethos. 

As well as using testing in psychometrics, Southampton clients, we also provide the following services: 

Why Choose Psychometrics, Southampton Clients? 

Learning the cognitive functions and personality traits is one of the most effective ways of discovering whether or not a person is right for the job. PsychoRecruit is led by qualified business psychologist Nicky, who noticed during her time as a recruitment consultant that CVs and interviews arent enough to determine job compatibility. After gaining a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology and qualifying as a business psychologist, Nicky adopted a new approach. 

Through PsychoRecruit, businesses can use a range of new methods linked to psychometrics. Southampton is one of the many locations in which we have worked with clients, helping them find the right candidates for their business. With more than 20 years of experience, there is no doubt that we should be your first choice for psychological methods of recruitment. 


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