Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are used for larger recruitment drives where a number of candidates are to be assessed. A carefully planned assessment centre works well for high volumes, as a variety of assessment methods can be presented at once, for example structured interviews, group tasks, presentations, in-tray exercises, psychometric tests (including SJT’s).

Recruitment Assessment Centres Southampton

Each assessment centre is bespoke to the organisation and role in question and usually take between 1 and 3 days. Trained assessors are used to analyse and feedback on the various assessment methods, ultimately selecting the very best candidates for the role(s).

Due to the complexity and detail involved, assessment centres can be fairly costly but the return on this investment is substantial as each candidate undergoes a variety of assessments that together form a highly reliable predictor of each individuals future performance, behaviours and aptitudes.

PsychoRecruit  are able to offer bespoke assessment centre design and delivery for organisations and to ensure best practice and ethical compliance, we adhere to the British Psychological Society (BPS) code of conduct for “The design and delivery of assessment centres”.

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