What is Business Psychology?

Business Psychology (also referred to as “organisational psychology”, “occupational psychology”, “industrial psychology”) is fundamentally the science and study of human behaviour in the workplace. Psychologists working in the business field aim to diagnose problems, offer advice, design and deliver solutions and evaluate the outcome. Business psychologists look at the consequences of technological advancements, global changes, sociodemographic and cultural trends and the impact these have in the workplace.

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    Business psychologists have been working alongside organisations for many years, engaged to apply their skills and expertise to a whole array of scenarios including dealing with organisational change, talent management and succession planning, wellbeing and coaching, and leadership development and training. Arguably, the most popular area that Business Psychologists have impacted on is selection and assessment of candidates.

    Ultimately, by using the very latest research, evidence and scientifically proven techniques, business psychologists can help companies get to the bottom of what is or isn’t working within their organisation and then offer solutions to ensure success.

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