Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing has revolutionised the world of assessment when selecting candidates over the past couple of decades. There is an overwhelming portfolio of scientific studies backing the predictive success and accuracy of using cognitive ABILITY tests and / or PERSONALITY measures in the recruitment process across ALL occupations and types of organisations. Infact psychometric tests are now the single most effective predictor of job performance and are significantly better than interviews, references, work trials and every other assessment method!

Psychometric Test

Psychometric Tests

  • Cognitive Ability Tests: Designed to measure a person’s individual intellectual or cognitive capacity. Examples can be numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension, general intelligence, clerical checking, proof reading, spatial awareness.
  • Personality Tests: Designed to measure a person’s typical behavioural traits and their individual motivators and values within the workplace. These include specific strengths and weaknesses of each individual in relation to how they may interact with others, perform on tasks, what emotions they may display, what motivates them etc. Most personality tests will include an inbuilt scale to pick up on any intentional distortion!

It is important to recognise that the most rigorously tested, and therefore most reliable and valid psychometrics, are ONLY available to fully trained British Psychological Society qualified test users. A list of qualified testers can be found on the RQTU (Register of Qualified Test Users).

How can we help?

Psychometric tests are powerful tools that provide an insight into the persons cognitive capabilities and/or their personalities. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive job analysis they can provide very rich information about how the person may typically perform and behave in the future role. Gaining knowledge of what a candidate values most in a job and organisation will significantly help the “fit” between the individual and the company leading to long term retention, development and engagement.

PsychoRecruit Ltd have access to the very best psychometric tests and tools. Nicky Corps is a qualified and BPS approved test user of both ability and personality tests (TUA and TUP, formally Level A and B). We work with you to determine which individual, or series, of tests would be most suitable for the assessment process. We then administer, score and provide thorough and detailed feedback reports for each candidate.

We adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct and all candidates are thoroughly briefed and debriefed too. Psychometric assessment can be carried out remotely or in person.

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