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Have you been searching for a method of recruitment that ensures you find the right person for the job? If so, you need look no further now you have found PsychoRecruit, as we use psychometric testing in the recruitment process. We can use psychometrics, Hampshire clients, to assist you in finding the perfect candidate for your position. To find out more about this method, please call us today on 07787 144721. 

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Hampshire Psychometric Testing for Recruitment 

Most companies use standard methods when it come to the recruitment process, but this doesn’t always guarantee the perfect candidate is hired. A scientific approach to recruitment, however, has yielded proven results and is much more accurate in ensuring the right person is hired. Here at PsychoRecruit, we use psychometrics in Hampshire to aid you in the recruitment process. 

When we say psychometrics, Hampshire clients, we refer to cognitive ability tests and personality tests, which are far more accurate than standard interviews and other assessments. You can find out more about each approach below. 

Cognitive Ability Tests 

These cognitive ability tests, which are part of our Hampshire psychometrics, are designed to measure a person’s individual intellectual or cognitive capacity. We can test candidates for their numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension, general intelligence, clerical checking, proof reading, and spatial awareness. These tests will be tailored to the specific job role you are advertising. 


Personality Tests 

Personality tests are also part of our psychometrics, Hampshire clients, and these are designed to measure a person’s behavioural traits along with their motivators and values within the workplace. We test to find each candidates specific strengths and weaknesses relating to their social interaction, performance of tasks, and emotional displays.  


How Our Process Works 

These tests are powerful tools that can provide an insight into a person’s cognitive capabilities and their personality. They are used in conjunction with a comprehensive job analysis and can provide information about how a certain candidate might perform and behave in the role. This kind of information can help to see how the candidate will fit into your company, meaning you are more likely to hire the right person. 

At PsychoRecruit, we have access to the very best tests and tools when it comes to psychometrics in Hampshire. We have a qualified, BPSapproved test user of both ability and personality tests in Nicky Corps. After the tests have been administered, we administer, score, and provide thorough feedback reports on each candidate. 


Other Services 

In addition to providing psychometrics, Hampshire clients, we at PsychoRecruit also offer a range of other services, including: 

Why Choose Us for Psychometrics, Hampshire Clients? 

Welcome to PsychoRecruit, where we blend 20 years of recruitment experience with scientifically proven psychological methods and insight in order to assist our clients in hiring the perfect candidate. By hiring a candidate through the use of our Hampshire psychometrics, you can increase retention rates in your company. 

We tailor our psychometrics in Hampshire to your specific criteria depending on the job you are recruiting for. This ensures that our process highlights those candidates which would best be suited for the role and your company. 

So, if you need to hire a new candidate for a job position at your company, and you want to make sure you hire the right person, we can help at PsychoRecruit. Simply get in touch via one of the below contact methods to find out more about psychometrics, Hampshire clients. 


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