What is a Recruitment Consultant?

Organisations have utilised the skills and services of recruitment agencies for many years, often becoming an integral part of a companies recruitment process. A client will have a specific role they are looking to recruit for, the recruitment consultant will take the information and will aim to source and match available candidates to the job vacancy. Organisations often do not have the time or tools to source candidates themselves or deal with response from advertising.

Recruitment companies often have a specialism and can be experts in offering their clients up to date marketplace information. Recruitment agencies invest in the very latest search tools to headhunt and uncover candidates and use many platforms and media to advertise on behalf of the organisation. They deal with the response, screen the applicants and use their skills to present the best candidates as a shortlist to the client. The client usually carries out their own interview or assessment process before making a final decision on which candidate they would like to offer the role to.

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