Job Analysis / Competency Framework

The absolute Holy Grail of ensuring the right person is selected first time (and stays long term), is to ensure that there is a crystal clear description of the key tasks and responsibilities of the role in question AND a detailed analysis of the behavioural traits, knowledge, skills and abilities of the ideal person for the job role. This process should be carried out prior to any recruitment drive, and the analysis forms a final Competency Framework which is the “go to” document for the whole selection and assessment process.

Southampton Job Analysis

A well designed and detailed competency framework can also be used in development and training of existing employees and also assists in legal compliance and equality adherence.

The process of getting this critical step right is by systematically collecting information about the job role in terms of its tasks, responsibilities, context, skills, knowledge etc. A business psychologist is qualified to gather the relevant information. They may carefully design a series of interviews or questionnaires with current employees, team leaders, supervisors and senior management. Existing documentation and manuals can also provide rich information, as well as other methods including repertory grid techniques, observations and focus groups. These techniques are also used in circumstances where a job role is brand new.

How we can help

PsychoRecruit Ltd can carry out a detailed job analysis of an existing or new job role using the above techniques, whilst also considering future trends and changes to produce a final competency framework that is current, detailed and future proof! This becomes the property of your organisation and is a very useful tool to have. Ultimately this will form the criteria for assessment in selection and determines WHICH methods of assessment are best.

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