Interview Design

Interviews are by far the most popular form of carrying out selection for a job role.  They are a quick, easy and cheap assessment tool, but the majority of employers are unaware of the dangers they bring to the process of assessment. Unless carefully planned and designed, the interview process is open to huge subjectivity issues, interviewer bias and can be a very poor predictor of a person’s suitability for a role.

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The main issues with interviews are:

  • Candidates will often say what the interviewer wants to hear (often not the truth)
  • Candidates can provide false or fabricated information
  • Historical examples cannot be relied on as evidence of future performance
  • Interviewers often base their decision on the likeability, gut feeling or common interests with the candidate
  • Interviews cannot measure other key attributes of a successful candidate such as ability, technical skills, intelligence
  • Interviews are rarely conducted using any performance criteria to evaluate candidates against one another
  • Overall, interviews cannot determine the correct “fit” of the candidate to the job role and yet the majority of hires are made based solely on an interview

However, all is not lost!

There is substantial evidence to prove that by adding specific structure and by training the interviewer, the reliability of interviewing improves significantly. 

By getting this process right you can add huge amounts of value and return to your businesses hiring process and future of your organisation.

Enter the business psychologist!…..

PsychoRecruit Ltd can work with you, using scientifically proven techniques to design a semi or fully structured interview process that is fair, consistent, reliable, accurate and most importantly works!!

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